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Feature-Rich Time and Labor Management for Complex Business Needs

When companies outgrow their time and labor management processes, finding a solution that can address their organizationís increasing complexities, reduce exposure to compliance-related liabilities, set the stage for future needs, and continuing growth can be an immense challenge. As a service provider, we offer our clients a solution that can address these challenges and meet their complex requirements now, and into the future.

The Mid-Market Edition (MME)of the time and labor management application was developed with the understanding of and appreciation for the intricate workings and needs of more complex organizations. Beyond simply collecting attendance data, the MME contains powerful workflow engines that can be configured to meet virtually any business scenario. A versatile reporting and analysis module enables our customers to gain keen insight into almost every aspect of employee time and attendance data, activity patterns, and anticipated changes.

Time and Attendance Features Made for Medium-sized Businesses

The following is a broad overview of some of the features available within the MME version of the application. For a more in-depth view of the features and functionality included, please click here, to attain a copy of our Mid-Market Edition Overview.


  • Manager Self-Service (MSS
  • Employee Self-Service (ESS)
  • Timesheet Approval Workflow
  • Company Dashboard
  • Time Off Request Tool
  • Accrual Tracking & Management
  • Notifications Module
  • Exception Tracking
  • Virtually Unlimited Customizable Report Views
  • Custom Analytics
  • Saved Report Settings
  • Specialized Reporting
  • Access Control
  • For a scaled back edition of the application, take a look at our Time and Labor Management Application for Small Businesses.

    Covering the whole spectrum of time and attendance needs for our customers with this application.

    Assisting Customers with Daily Success through Scheduling

    The scheduling module within the application enables us to assist customers with setting up schedules based on daily business requirements. The dynamic nature of the module provides our customers with the ability to set up schedules on a daily, weekly, monthly or another recurring basis. Piece of mind is achieved through the ability to enter schedules or make edits on the fly. Flexibility makes it easy for the individuals setting up the schedule to assign an employee to a schedule or vice versa.

    Effortless Collection of Time and Attendance Data

    Whether through an Internet browser or through one of the many time and attendance data collection options available, information can be gathered to accommodate a wide range of specific work environments and types of usage. Going a step above the Small Business Edition, this edition of the application even enables customers to:

    For more information on the variety of employee time entry options and devices tha tare available, click here.

    Helping Customers Streamline Accrued Time Off

    Effective and consistent management of employees' time off is often a burden for most organizations. Accrued time off is usually managed and tracked through the use of spreadsheets, which can be time consuming, subject to unauthorized changes, and simply inaccurate; exposing your organization to not only increased costs but also to a number of liabilities.

    The application's accrual management module can be configured to incorporate your company's requirements such as eligibility, tenure, or hours worked. ESS and MSS workflows empower you with an effective method to request/approve/reject time off while reducing or eliminating the occurrence of calculation errors. Built-in auditing tracks changes in the system across the organization to ensure accountability on every level.

    Handling Complex Pay Rules Accurately that Result in a Faster Way to Process Payroll

    Calculations for pay associated with regular and overtime hours can be complicated based on the complexity of pay rules. However, the MME Labor Management system allows the set up of multipliers to automatically calculate rates for overtime, double-time, and billable rate tables to ensure proportional revenue is earned. These multipliers can be set up for many unique scenarios on an individual and/or global basis. Pay Rules can be configured for multiple scenarios, including shift differentials, cost centers, pay grades, etc.

    Automating these calculations removes the factor for human errors, and ensures compliance with labor regulations for your organization, while helping to save you time and facilitating the processing of payroll.

    We ensure to Provide the Solution for our Customers Today that Can Meet Their Needs Tomorrow

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