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Payroll Interface Software Modules

Automate your payroll process today!

The Payroll Interface Software option for Exeqtimeonline provides an integrated and seamless method to provide an electronic conversion of the employee payroll information to a form that is suitable for a payroll service or payroll software package.

Many companies use external payroll services because of the convenience, or simply because they don't have the facilities or personnel to print checks for employees every pay period. Exeqtimeonline provides the capability to electronically transfer the data normally keypunched into the external service. The cost savings from reduced keypunch requirements and keypunch errors will normally pay for the system the first time it is used. Instead of the normal one to two day keypunch requirement, the payroll can be transmitted usually in minutes.

The following are a few of the electronic payroll services that are supported:

  • Automated Data Processing (ADP)
  • Bank Of America Payroll Services
  • Ceridian Payroll Services
  • Dominion Payroll Services
  • Paychex Payroll Services
  • RoyalBank of Canada
  • Wells Fargo Payroll Services
  • R.F White Payroll Services

Also, a list of the payroll software programs that are supported:

  • CheckMark
  • QuickBooks
  • Peoplesoft
  • SAP
  • Banner
  • RealWorld
  • Accpac
  • Cheque-Mate Insta-Pay™
  • Infinium
  • Mapics
  • Mas 90

Exeqtimeonline seamlessly integrates and converts employee payroll information to a form that is suitable for most payroll services and payroll software programs. We interface with over 200 different payroll packages, so if your payroll package is not on the lists please contact your sales representative. For more information, click here.

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